Filip Engel

I learned a lot from 15 years helping Ørsted transition from a deeply fossil fuels intensive company to a leader in renewable energy. My experience and the toolbox I developed I now put to work to help other companies on their sustainability journey.

Integration of sustainability

At Ørsted, I led an area of three functional areas: Sustainability, Public Affairs and Brand & Marketing. It was a buzzing area with a high number of strategic projects and a clear ambition to integrate sustainability into the business in a value adding way.

As an example I led the development of Ørsted’s biodiversity program and integration into public affairs and marketing. ​I now take pride in helping other companies do the same on biodiversity or on other sustainability areas.

Although I learned a lot during my Ørsted years you will see that some things remain the same when you work with me. I still get a kick from listening to 90's hiphop and Roxette, I still love history, and I always have the same haircut (not that I have a choice).​

Why I am passionate about Koral

I am fuelled by a passion to help businesses thrive by becoming more sustainable. And I love to work with fun and caring people who, like me, want to experiment with regenerative ways of working at Koral.

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