Jesper Lindhardt

To me, it's all about the people. For almost two decades, I have applied management consulting methodology to drive sustainable change across private companies, civil society organizations, philanthropic foundations, and family offices. Whether in the role of a strategist, leader, or advisor, I have drawn my energy and learned from numerous inspirational and talented individuals.

From Maersk to startups

When advising clients, I draw on the experience and insights gained from collaborating with people from all types and all sizes of organizations. At A.P. Moller Maersk, I met business practitioners who knew how to seamlessly operate a global company. At McKinsey, I encountered the brightest strategists and problem solvers. At Novo Nordisk, I experienced pioneers in sustainability strategy, data and reporting.

Later on, I held C-level and board roles in several impact-focused startups across tech, food, and development, including serving as the CEO of the Nordic Development Corporation. I witnessed how a group of innovators with a drive, the right ideas, and insights into business development can make a meaningful impact on the world.

Outside of work, I also draw my energy from people, whether it's from my three kids, each with their own unique personalities, or from friends and family with whom I love to spend time, whether it's over dinners or long nature walks.

Why I am passionate about Koral

You guessed it – because of the people. People who believe that business can be a force for good. People who maintain a positive and optimistic approach to sustainability, business, and life in general. And people who want to explore regenerative ways of working.

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